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The Preschool CDA Credential requires at least 120 hours of formal early childhood education training, with at least 10 hours in each of the 8 subject areas.  Here are the classes included in the preselected 120 hour Preschool CDA package:

A Healthy Environment

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Basic Behavior Management I: Discipline vs Punishment

Basic Behavior Management II: Difficult Behaviors

Basic Behavior Management III: Learning Styles

Basic Child Abuse

Basic Child Development: Preschool I - Physical

Basic Child Development: Preschool II - Emotional

Basic Child Development: The Brain

Basic Kitchen Sanitation: Food Safety

Basic Medication Management

Basic Observation & Assessment

Becoming a Professional

Being a Professional

Bloodborne Pathogens, Child Care

Budgeting for Success

Bullying Basics

Causes of Childhood Obesity

CDA Introduction

Child Care Basics for Support Staff

Child Development Theory

Cognitive Development

Common Illnesses: What to Do!

Communication Basics

Creative Development

Creative Learning Environments

Cultural Diversity Introduction

Dealing With Difficult People

Disasters: Large and Small

Egocentric: Self-worth, Individuality

Feelings: Self-Awareness, Control

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Financial Analysis

Financial Basics

General Nutrition

Giving Medicines to Children

Group Acceptance

Growing as a Professional

Hiring Techniques

Introducing Children to Child Care

Keeping Children Safe

Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn

Linking Assessments to Lesson Planning

Literacy: Developing and Encouraging

Managing Stress

Marketing Your School

Multicultural Celebrations

Music, Movement and Language 2: Strategies

Observation Methods

Observation Practicum

Observation, Assessment and Respect

Observing Young Children

Parents are People, Too!

Partnering with Families

Personnel Policy

Physical Development

Playground Safety

Preschool Fitness 1 - Intro

Program Management

Promoting Children's Communication

Prosocial Behavior: Pathways to Competence

Sign Language with Preschoolers

Special Dietary Needs

Speech and Language Red Flags

Staff Meetings

Staff Orientation

Stimulating Language Through Read-Alouds

Strategies for Working with Special Needs

Talking with Parents

Teaching STEM in Preschool


The Director 1: Roles & Responsibilities

The Guide to ADA and Special Needs

Transportation Safety

Workplace Burnout

Writing Good Rule Lists