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Managing staff can be a challenge by itself.  Add children into the mix and you've really got your hands full!  As you have undoubtedly experienced, running a child care program requires business knowledge as well as a good understanding of curriculum, teaching methods, facility management, first aid, names of all the Ninja Turtles...whew, it's an exhausting list!  

SafeGard Classes Online is here to help, from online training for directors and administrative staff to high-quality continuing education for your teaching staff.  Online training offers your team an opportunity to take classes at their convenience, so you don't have to wait for the next staff meeting to train everyone.

And we have over 200 childcare classes in topics such as autism, nutrition, health and safety, fitness, literacy, communication, curriculum development and many others.  As a IACET Accredited Provider, our classes also offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Here are a few popular courses:



The Director series

Images %281%29Transportation Safety

Managing Your Program


Teacher Training

Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn

Basic Behavior Management

Observation and Assessment


We know your time and resources are already stretched se we have created many options to help manage your staff's training needs, from management reports to consolidated billing and bundled pricing.   Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or to let us know how we can help support your program.


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