CDA 80 Hour Family Child Care (pre-selected)

52 Classes
80 Hours

What is a CDA? 

The national CDA Credential is the most well-recognized certification program in early childhood education and a stepping stone to growing as a professional in the Early Childhood Education field. 

Earning your CDA involves completing a multi-step program that requires other tasks to be completed in addition to the 120-hours of continuing education.  Read more about the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential program in our introductory guide or visit the CDA Council website to learn more about the process.


The required training:

This 80 hour package meet the requirements for 10 hours of training in the 8 CDA subject areas identified by the CDA Council for the CDA Credential for the Family Child Care setting.  You would need to complete an additional 40 hours of courses in the Family Child Care setting to fulfill the training requirements for your CDA Credential.

Classes by CDA subject area:

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