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Minnesota: 16 Hour Special

53classes 16hours CEUs1.6


Minnesota child care professionals can get their 16 hours of annual licensing training with one low-cost discounted package.  Choose your own classes from a wide range of options.

You'll be able to select your classes once you complete your order.   For a guide on how to choose your classes, read How to Select Your Classes.

Discounted State Packages

This Collection includes:

A Healthy Environment

Becoming a Professional

Being a Professional

Bloodborne Pathogens, Child Care

Budgeting for Success

Child Development Theory

Circle of Security

Cognitive Development

Common Illnesses: What to Do!

Coping with a Crying Baby

Creative Development

Creative Learning Environments

Egocentric: Self-worth, Individuality

Feelings: Self-Awareness, Control

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Group Acceptance

Growing as a Professional

Holiday Arts and Crafts #1 & #2

Holiday Arts and Crafts #3 & #4

Holiday Arts and Crafts #5 & #6

Introducing Children to Child Care

Keeping Children Safe

Linking Assessments to Lesson Planning

Literacy: Developing and Encouraging

Marketing Your School

Multicultural Celebrations

Music, Movement and Language 1: The Motor System

Music, Movement and Language 2: Strategies

Music, Movement and Language 3: Types of Movement

Music, Movement and Language 4: Manipulatives

Music, Movement and Language 5: Activities

Observation Methods

Observation Practicum

Parents are People, Too!

Partnering with Families

Physical Development

Preschool Fitness 9 - Education

Preschool Fitness Ten - Behavior Management

Promoting Children's Communication

Prosocial Behavior: Pathways to Competence

Risk Management: Assessing Risk vs Reward

Self-help Skills

Sense of Security

Setting Limits

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Special Dietary Needs

Strategies for Working with Special Needs

Teaching Children Good Habits

Teaching STEM in Preschool


The Director 4: Employee Handbook

The Guide to ADA and Special Needs

Transportation Safety