Need to get training for your staff to meet their licensing requirements?  No problem, we've got multiple options to help them get the training they need without adding to your already packed workload!  


Options to meet your needs:

1. Individual classes - your staff can select individual classes from hundreds of options in topics ranging from Autism to Working with Humor.

2. Knowledge Collection and Discounted State Packages - for multi-class needs, try our Knowledge Collection, classes bundled into popular and relevant topics, or our Discounted State Packages, which allow you to select your own classes to meet you state's annual training hours.

3. Purchase Orders - if you need to purchase classes for multiple staff members, we accept purchase orders as well. 

4. Bulk purchases - you can also make bulk purchases of classes to streamline the process.  Your staff would receive codes they can use to add classes to their account without having to pay individually.

5. On-going orders - for on-going training needs, we can set up invoicing arrangements so your team can purchase whatever they need, whenever they need.  You'll get a detailed report of purchases each month so you can track your team's progress.


Need a different option?  Let us know and we'll work with you to find the right solution for your needs!