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The Early Learning field is changing and growing by the day (read “3 Ways ‘Daycare’ is Changing”) With more emphasis being placed on children’s development, the more important teacher education and training is becoming. 

The expectations for child care professionals are increasing as well.  The shift from being simply a place to drop kids off while Mom and Dad work to a place where children’s development is the primary focus requires trained, dedicated and engaged teachers.  Leaders who understand the increasing expectations of child care and create a supportive environment that inspires their staff to rise to the occasion will likely find they are building a very successful program!

Considering the importance of the work you and your staff do every day, continuing to build on your capabilities directly impacts the ability to shape the lives of the children in your care.  Studies have shown that the quality of care a child receives is often based on the training of their teachers.  Investing in the development of your staff also pays off in creating a nurturing and caring environment for your children.

Many teaching licenses require continuing education each year to fulfill their renewal requirements.  While this is important, there's far more benefit to continued learning than just checking this off a list.  Effective personal and professional development enables early learning professionals to develop the knowledge and skills they need to guide children's growth and development.

Leading is about supporting, inspiring and developing your staff.  While some seem to be born with leadership characteristics, we can all become leaders by embracing the actions we’ve discussed in this class. 

Being a leader isn’t easy, nor is it something we can do once and say we’re done.  But it is rewarding, for you, your staff and your program.