Thank you for considering SafeGard Classes Online for your child care training! We want to make sure you find value for the time and resources you invest in our classes.  We hope you find these practical and useful tools to aid in your learning:

Online format

All our classes are online in webpage format so you can take your classes using any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  If you need to step away while you're taking your class, no worries!  When you return to your class, you'll pick up right where you left off. The class will remain in your account even after you have completed so you can review at any time, including interact responses.

   "Think about it" 

Throughout our classes, you'll be asked to pause and "think about it."  Since studies have shown that adults tend to learn best from real-life experience, the questions will ask you to "think about" various aspects of your program so you can apply the concepts of the class to your specific situation.


Throughout the class, you will find Interact sections.  Each has several questions or activities to complete.   These Interacts are designed so you can apply your learning from that section to real-world situations you face every day.


The free community forum is available for anyone interested in sharing thoughts and ideas on child care concepts, including discussions about this class.  On the bottom of each page you will see a blue Forum button.  You can click on that button to interact with peers on a variety of topics.  


Each class has a resource section at the end to provide you with additional information to continue your learning.  We encourage you to review these materials or save them for future reference.


Once you have completed the class, you will need to complete a quiz.  You may go back and review the contents of the class at any time while you are taking the quiz.  Your certificate of completion will be available in your account after you have passed the quiz.


Each class has a short evaluation form at the end (less than 1 minute to complete).  It is voluntary and we greatly appreciate you providing an honest assessment of the course you just completed.  Your feedback is valuable and gives us the opportunity to better meet your needs going forward.

Review for Free

You'll find a lot of information in each of our classes.  Don't worry about memorizing it all.  You'll have access to all of your classes in your account dashboard to review at any time, even after completing.  So next time you want to create a lesson plan around something you've learned, just go back and click Review for Free at any time.