For many people, giving feedback can be a difficult and often stressful process.  Considering the benefits of good feedback, making the process easier could have a significant positive impact all around!

Think about what we are attempting to offer when we provide feedback: constructive thoughts on how to improve someone's performance.  With that in mind, here are 3 easy steps for providing feedback that is easy to deliver and useful to the recipient.


The "Start-Stop-Continue" Method:

1. Identify what the person should start doing. Give them examples of things you would like to see them do. For example, "Please start cleaning the room after you're done using it." 

2. Identify what the person should stop doing. Be specific about what you don't want them to do.  For example, "Please don't leave the books in the room after circle time.  They need to be returned to the library."

3. Identify what the person should continue doing.  Let them know what they're doing well and should keep doing.  "You're doing a great job reading to the kids and getting them engaged and interested.  Keep up the good work!"

Remember, feedback is most effective when used regulary and consistently.  Schedule regular follow up sessions to measure performance against expectations.  Giving feedback is great but if the person isn't given subsequent guidance on how they're doing, they lose the opportunity to make timely corrections.

So next time you need to offer feedback on job performance, whether it's a formal review or just "in-the-moment," remember these 3 easy steps to guide you through the process!

Good luck!