What does a teacher make? They make a difference! 

Thank you for all you do!  We know you work hard every day to support and develop those in your care.  SafeGard Classes Online offers many tools and resources to help you be at your best every day.  We have over 200 convenient, affordable online childcare classes on topics ranging from Autism to Working with Humor.  

We also offer the CDA early childhood education training, for the initial 120-hour training as well as the 45-hour renewal

For more learning (and hopefully a little enjoyment!), be sure to check out our blog posts, like 3 Ways "Daycare" is Changing4 Simple Tips to Handle Stress or Easy Ways to Eat Healthy.

Coffee mug for preschool teachers and toddlersIt's not always easy to stay on top of your game so we'd like to offer some assistance, from fun activities in our Facebook posts, to useful links and informative articles about the early learning field on our website. So, like us on Facebook, browse our catalog of online classes, and peruse our website for the latest and greatest in early learning--it's all about teachers!

Also check out our free child care community forum.  Chat with peers about child care best practices, challenging behaviors, how to manage stress and all the things teachers go through every day!  Our classes also have links to the forum so you can discuss topics within the classes as well.

If you're looking for more teaching resources, check out Pre-K Pages' Teaching Tribe.


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All about the duties, support and accomplishments for preschool teachers for the kids in their child care