In 2019, there were more than 2.5 million K-12 children being homeschooled.  This number has grown in the past 5 years by as much as 8%.  Homeschooling is becoming much more mainstream and has many advantages.

While there are benefits to homeschooling, parents may find it difficult to locate the tools and resources they need to help them most effectively support their children.

SG Classes Online has 4 packages of classes to guide homeschool parents, especially for early childhood development:

  1. Developing Children - These courses help you gauge your child's cognitive, physical and behavioral development and support them accordingly. 
  2. Teaching Techniques - These classes can help homeschool parents learn great tips on teaching techniques, assessment and observation, curriculum development, literacy, STEM and much more.
  3. Supporting Special Needs - These classes discuss how to recognize red flags, overcome language and speech challenges, understand ADA guidelines and much more.
  4. All About Parenting - These classes can help guide you with tips and strategies to help you be successful at both, while keeping your own sanity in check! ;)


We also have over 200 courses for childcare professionals on a wide range of topics, including child development, communication, health, safety and nutrition, behavior management and many more.  

Check back again for more resources and updates to our curriculum!

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