This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine


Simply one of my favorite songs in the world, and I love to encounter people who let their lights shine through their eyes and mouth.  How do you feel when you call or meet someone who looks and speaks to you with enthusiasm? 

That’s why I love working with young children, their teachers and care givers.  They always have time to share and express their joy and happiness.

As living beings we all vibrate at certain frequencies.  That’s because our bodies are composed of photons.  I’m not going to explain the science of this.  However, if you want to know more about photons and human vibrations, you can check out a book by LuAnne Oakes, Ph.D. called Sound Health Sound Wealth., as well as many more books on this subject.

Dr. Oates recommends making the following sounds for resonating positive energy and vibrations throughout the entire body and mind. When I have the children make these sounds, they come to life, get along better and seem to take on those good vibrations.  So I’d like to introduce you to these sounds and hope they “Give you those good vibrations.”

“Oo” resonates life force and our modes of survival.

“Oh” resonates the personality and you as an individual.

“Aw” resonates awakening and awareness of the world in and around you.

“Eh” resonates the heart and opens up your sense of reverence, mercy and harmony.

“Ih” resonates your vision and enlightenment.

“Ee” resonates your intuition.

“Oo” resonates your connection to Love.

If you sit in a room full of infants long enough, you will hear each of these sounds several times.  I’m sure they have never read about photons and the science of human vibrations.  However, if you look at their faces when they make these sounds, they look quite pleasant. In my 30 years of working with children I can confirm that making sounds and resonating good vibrations is another fun and effective way to keep them moving and improving!    


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Scott Liebler has been researching, teaching and developing early childhood development programs for thirty years.  He is the creator of Funsical – - a curriculum of music, movement and language activities that appeal to children’s natural desire to move and have fun while developing essential skills.  He is the author of SafeGard Classes Online - Music, Movement and Language early childhood courses and How to Take a Chill Pill stress management class. He has served as an adjunct faculty member for Front Range Community College in Denver, CO, a seminar presenter for the Bureau of Education and Research (BER) and administers the Move to Improve program for early childhood communities.  For information on Funsical audio CD’s, curriculum materials and training programs please visit or call 303-902-4985