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We all want to keep our children and ourselves healthy and this is no more evident than when an outbreak occurs.  The current Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is no exception.  Since we know so little about the virus, it can be very scary and confusing as to what the virus actually is and what is best to keep us safe and healthy.  

Here are some links to resources that can offer good safety practices and help us understand the risks to ourselves and those around us:

Resources for Childcare Providers

Resources for Parents

Resources for Childcare Programs and Businesses

Resources for Communities

What You Should Know About Coronavirus

Facts About Coronavirus: What Kids Need to Know

Resources for Schools and Childcare Programs 

Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction (podcast)

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

List of Disinfectants

What is Coronavirus: FAQs and How to Help

School and Childcare Checklists

Childcare Resources and Recommendations

Resources for Providers and Parents

WA DCYF Update


For those who need help or want to offer assistance, here are some resources:

How to Help Hungry Students

How to Help with the COVID Pandemic

Seattle Voluteer Form

COVID Response Fund

Resources for the Community

No Kid Hungry

Find Your Local Food Bank - Feeding America

5 Ways to Help Your Community

How to Help Small Businesses


Resources for Parents:

Scholastic Learn at Home


Free Online Resources 

Free Digital Resources to Support Remote Learning

Free Resources to Keep Kids Learning and Entertained

List of Resources

How "Regular-School" Parents Can Homeschool Their Kids

How You and Your Kids Can De-stress

Educational TV Shows

Parents Sharing Resources as Schools Close

Online Literacy Resources





For learn more about maintaining a healthy environment, try our online classes:

A Healthy Environment

Basic Cleanliness

Basic Medication Management

Common Illnesses: What to Do!

Giving Medicines to Children


We wish everyone a safe and healthy environment and a swift recovery for anyone affected by these outbreaks.