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COVID-19 Response and Resources for teachers, parents, businesses and communities.  We're here to help!



This is a trying time for us all and we would like to offer some resources to help you take care of your children and yourselves.  We will continue to update this with information and ideas as them become available.

Scholastic Learn at Home


Free Online Resources 

Free Digital Resources to Support Remote Learning

Free Resources to Keep Kids Learning and Entertained

List of Resources

How "Regular-School" Parents Can Homeschool Their Kids

How You and Your Kids Can De-stress

Educational TV Shows

Parents Sharing Resources as Schools Close

Online Literacy Resources

Indoor Activities for Kids

How to Talk to Kids About The COVID-19 Pandemic

Free Homeschooling Webinar

Talking to Kids About Tragedies

Conversations for Parenting as a Team

Parenting Tips

See How Germs Spread

Recipes for Kids That are Good Learning Experiences

Free Educational Resources

5 Helpful Resources for Families

Caring for Each Other

Self-care for Parents

75 Easy Meals to Make When You're Stuck at Home

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Check-in Sheet to Help Children Express Feelings

Coronavirus-proof Your Home

Balancing Home and Work Life

How to School Your Kids

Support for Helpers During Coronavirus


Remember, your kids are stressed too! Times like these can lead to ongoing power struggles with your kids!! If you’re tired from constantly putting out fires then it’s time to get proactive.

  • Check-in with yourself. Your little ones absorb your energy.
  • Get curious. Ask your child what they already know (you may be surprised!)
  • Highlight your child as the hero! “What is something we can do for others today?”
  • Get in green time where you can. An excess of screens leads to brain dysregulation, get outdoors and break it up.
  • Be a student! Invite your kids to teach you something!
  • Share and be open. Tell stories about your childhood.
  • Normalise worry! Talk to your kids about your big feelings and how you monitor your own stress.
  • Simplify your schedule. Don’t worry about filling every hour of every day. It’s okay to be bored sometimes.
  • Know your child’s body clock. Mornings, early afternoons and evenings kiddos need downtime.
  • Stay hydrated!! Being thirsty evokes stress in the brain leading to dysregulation.
  • Practise mindfulness. You’ll be so glad you did!


We wish everyone a safe and healthy environment and a swift recovery for anyone affected by these outbreaks.