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COVID-19 Response and Resources for teachers, parents, businesses and communities.  We're here to help!



This is a trying time for us all and we would like to offer some resources to help you take care of your children, your businesses and yourselves.  We will continue to update this with information and ideas as them become available.

Here are some links to resources that can offer good safety practices and help us understand the risks to ourselves and those around us:

COVID-19: What Providers Can Do

What You Should Know About Coronavirus

Facts About Coronavirus: What Kids Need to Know

Resources for Schools and Childcare Programs 

Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction (podcast)

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

List of Disinfectants

What is Coronavirus: FAQs and How to Help

School and Childcare Checklists

Childcare Resources and Recommendations

Resources for Providers and Parents

WA DCYF Update

How to Talk to Kids About The COVID-19 Pandemic

Free Homeschooling Webinar

How Soap Kills the Coronavirus

Your Money: A Hub for Resources During the Crisis

Self-care Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Who's Hiring Right Now

SBA Disaster Assistance

Mental Health Resources for the COVID Crisis

5 Helpful Resources for Families

Healthcare Options

Support for Helpers During Coronavirus




We wish everyone a safe and healthy environment and a swift recovery for anyone affected by these outbreaks.