We know you work hard every day to care for the children in your program.  You don't have time to waste waiting around for training or jumping through hoops to get your classes completed.  You need a training organization that works as hard as you do.  Well, look no further!

SG Classes Online knows how important continuing education is to child care providers: keeping up with the latest insights on child development, sharing best practices on how to handle behavior issues, learning about proper nutrition and how to keep kids healthy, and so much more.  

We build on our curriculum frequently to bring fresh ideas and guidance to help you provide the best learning and development opportunities for your children.  Check out the New category in our class library for the latest classes in the most latest topics child care professionals want most.

We've also recently reformatted all our classes to make they even more accessible and practical than every before.  Try one of our free classes and see for yourself!  With our new website, getting started has never been easier.


Start to Finish in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Order your classes from our catelog of over 200 classes.  Your classes will be added to your account right away so you can begin at your convenience.

2. Take your classes online, on any device.  Our new format allows you to take your classes on your desktop, laptop, tablet and even on your phone.  And no need to finish all at once.  You can close out of your account and when you return, you'll go right back to the spot where you left off.

3. Get your certificate of completion immediately after finishing.  Once you're done with each class, your certificate will be available in your account for immediate access.  

To find out more about all the resources available on our website, try our New User Guide.  Also, scroll down to the footer on any page to find a wealth of valuable resources available for everyone from teachers to parents to directors and administrators.


We Care, Because You Do!


Get started today and find out how easy and convenient it can be to get high-quality online classes in the topic areas you need!