Whether you need the initial 30 hour Basics course, Bloodborne Pathogens, HIV/AIDS, or 10 hour STARS courses, we've got you covered!  All our classes are approved for STARS credit.  

What is STARS / MERIT?

All our classes are 100% online so you can complete at your convenience.  They can be accessed on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet and phone so you can take your classes anytime, anywhere.  The classes are added to your account immediately after you order and the certificates of completion are available online immediately upon completing each course.

Plus, the classes never expire so don't worry if you don't complete them right away.  They'll also stay in your account so you can access and review at any time, even after you've completed the course.


Initial Training

We offer both of the initial 30 hour Basics courses:


On-going STARS hours

Try our individual courses in a wide range of categories:


Or, if you prefer to do all your training at once, try our discounted 10 hour STARS packages in many popular topics:


We also have training available to help with the new state certificates.   Classes can be used to meet your certificate requirements as well as STARS hours!

Get started earning your STARS hours today!

How to get credit for your STARS classes