As a child care provider in Washington State, the Department of Early Learning, now the Department of Children, Youth and Family, requires all providers to complete 10 hours of STARS-approved continuing education.  All training needs to be recorded in the DCYF's professional development registry system, MERIT (Managed Education and Registry Information Tool), formerly know as STARS (State Training Registry System).  

To offer STARS classes, a trainer needs to be approved by the STARS / MERIT system.  SafeGard Classes Online has 7 trainers approved to offer classes for licensing credit.  We have nearly 200 classes in a wide range of topics to meet the DCYF Core Competencies.  

What are the Core Competencies?

  1. Child Growth and Development
  2. Curriculum and Learning Environment
  3. Ongoing Measurement of Child Progress
  4. Families and Community Partnerships
  5. Health, Safety and Nutrition
  6. Interactions
  7. Program Planning and Development
  8. Professional Development and Leadership

How do I find STARS-approved classes?

SafeGard Classes online offers nearly 200 STARS-approved classes, including the initial 30-hour Basics courses to meet the initial DCYF requirements.  We also have a number of discounted 10 hour STARS packages to help you meet all your training needs with one click! 

Our classes are 100% online and accessible on any device, including laptops, phones and tablets.  Once you order a class, it is added to your account right away and when you've completed each course, your certificate of completion will be immediately available online.  The courses never expire so you can take them at your convenience!


How do I get credit for my completed classes?

When you get your child care license, you'll need to set up an account in the STARS / MERIT system.  You will receive a STARS ID# when you register.  Add your STARS ID # to your Profile in your SafeGard Classes Online account and we'll report all your completed classes to MERIT for you.


Can I get reimbursed for my classes?

Yes, you are eligible to get up to $250 reimbursed for eligible STARS-approved training each year.  You can apply for your reimbursement directly through your MERIT account.