7 Hour HIV/AIDS: Part 3

1 Hours
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Discusses testing and counseling. Designed for most licensed healthcare providers.

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7 Hour HIV/AIDS: Part 3

5th Hour

Table of Contents

1. Testing


a. Test Technologies
Types of Tests
b. Testing Guidelines
c. Test Results

2. Counseling


a. Information
b. Prevention Counseling

3. Referrals



**Revised Recommendations
Major revisions from previous recommendations (MMWR, 9/22/06):
  •  HIV screening is recommended for all patients in health-care settings and all pregnant women unless they decline (opt-out).
  • Persons at high risk for HIV infection should be screened for HIV at least annually and pregnant women in certain high risk areas should be rescreened in the third trimester.
  • General consent for medical care should be considered sufficient and separate written consent is NOT REQUIRED for HIV testing.
  • Prevention counseling should NOT be REQUIRED with HIV diagnostic testing or as part of HIV screening programs in health-care settings. 

This is a change specifically for these settings/situations and does not alter the information in this class regarding general HIV testing and counseling protocols in other settings. 

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Learning Outcomes

When you finish this class you should be able to:

  1. Specify the two classifications for test technologies.

  2. Name the primary screening and confirmatory tests.

  3. Describe the standard testing algorithms.

  4. Identify the five test types discussed.

  5. Discuss who should be tested and why.

  6. State the significance of positive, negative and indeterminate test results.

  7. List the five directions for HIV counseling.

  8. Describe what is involved in the client-centered mode of counseling.

  9. List the four steps for managing referrals.

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