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Causes of Childhood Obesity

This course will discuss some of the causes of childhood obesity as well as prevention activities, including exercise and appropriate nutritional habits.  

It will also outline the influence of the media on a child's diet and other contributing factors to childhood obesity, such as medical conditions, genetics, and psychological factors.


Child Care Basics for Support Staff

This one hour training is designed especially for new or non-teaching staff such as a non-teaching director, secretary/bookkeeper/office manager, cook, custodian, enrichment teacher, or you are an assistant teacher, floater or substitute who is either new to the field or new to the particular philosophy of your program. It provides a brief overview about the field of Early Learning and useful information to help you be successful in your job. Even if your position does not usually involve entering the building when children are present, this information will be useful for you.


Both classes are approved for licensing hours in many states.  Select your state on the drop down menu on our Child Care Training page to see if they are approved for your state.