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Earning your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentials can give your career a real boost.  It involves multiple steps and can take up to 6 months to complete, depending on how much time you can devote to the process.

What is a CDA?

One of the steps in the process is to complete 120 hours of early childhood training, or 45 hours if you are renewing your CDA.  SafeGard Classes Online can definitely help you streamline that process.

  1. All classes are online - no waiting for books to arrive; complete classes at your convenience.
  2. Access your classes on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  3. Pre-selected classes to ensure you meet the requirements - our packages have either 80 hours or 120 hours of classes that meet the Council's requirements for setting type as well as their 8 subject areas, so there's no need to search for classes you need.
  4. SG Classes Online is a Proud Partner to the CDA Council - we can provide any assistance you need in your pursuit of your Credentials.

To learn more about the CDA Credentil process, try our free class on How to Earn Your CDA.

Get started today and take your career to the next level!