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SafeGard Classes Online has many options to help you stretch your training dollars, from specially-priced bundled packages to discounts for Head Start professionals--even free classes available.  Check our our Discounted Packages to help you meet your state's annual in-service continuing education hours.

We can arrange consolidated monthly billing for centers, payment plans, or other arrangements as needed.   Your learning is our priority--let us know how we can help you!

CURRENT SPECIAL: To support our valued customers and help those in need, SafeGard Classes Online is offering to match the discount for purchases of qualifying packages through September 30, 2017.  100% of the discount match will go directly to support hurricane relief efforts.

Purchase any CDA package (excluding renewals) with the discount code WeCare25 and you'll receive $25 off your purchase with a match of $25 going to the Red Cross hurricane relief.  

Purchase any discounted state package and use the discount code WeCare10 to get $10 off and a match of $10 for each purchase goes directly to Red Cross relief efforts. 

Check our website regularly for special deals or contact us at promotions@sgclassesonline.com for more information.

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