Sign Language with Toddlers (for parents)

1hour 0.1CEUs


This class identifies signs that can be used with toddlers, discusses when to teach them these signs, and discusses the many benefits of using sign language with toddlers.

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Sign Language with Toddlers

Table of Contents

  1. Concepts
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Putting it All Together
  4. Strategies for Success
  5. The Benefits of Using Sign Language with Toddlers
  6. Review & Resources


Chapter 1 - Concepts

Concept 1

The development of sign language will resemble speech development. Signs that have similar hand shapes will often start out looking the same. This is parallel to a toddler using the same sound for several different words that sound alike.

Learning Outcomes

  • List two strategies for using sign language with toddlers.
  • Give two examples of how to incorporate sign language into daily activities.
  • List two benefits of using sign language with toddlers.
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