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Sign Language with Infants (for parents)

1hour 0.1CEUs

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This class identifies signs that can be used with infants, discusses when to teach them these signs, and discusses the many benefits of using sign language with infants.

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Sign Language with Infants

Table of Contents

  1. Concepts
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Putting it Together
  4. The Importance of Signing
  5. Brain Development and the Use of Sign Language with Babies
  6. Review


Chapter 1 - Concepts

Concept 1

Use signs in the context of daily routines to support vocal communications.

Concept 2

Nouns are the first words that infants use. Babies are curious and want to know what things are. They often point to things in their environment. This is a good opportunity to introduce a sign.

Concept 3

Infants develop at their own rate; therefore, it is not beneficial to compare one infant’s ability to use sign language to another’s.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the 7 hand shapes that are easiest for infants to make.
  • List two daily routines that are optimal for using sign language with infants.
  • Describe the benefits of using sign language with infants.
  • Discuss ways that brain development is enhanced by the early use of sign language.
Approved or accepted in:

Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, Vermont