30 Hour Child Care Basics Module 6

3 Hours
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The 30 hour child care basics course is required by the Department of Children, Youth and Families for all new licensees in Washington State. This is the sixth module in the 10 module series.

This mobile-friendly course is accessible on any device, including tablets and phones.

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Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Child Care Basics

Module 6 - Family & Community Partnerships

Licensed providers can get reimbursed up to $250 per year from MERIT for all approved STARS classes you complete, on a first-come, first-serve basis. To learn about how to apply for reimbursement through your MERIT record, visit the DCYF website and scroll down to “Training Reimbursement” near the bottom of the page.


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Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Recognize that families are the primary educator of their children
  • Explain the elements of positive relationships and communications with families
  • Identify community resources that support families