School Age Child Care Basics Module 08: Professional Development and Leadership

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School Age Child Care Basics Module 8: Professional Development and Leadership


This module is designed to introduce the student to professional practice in school age child care as identified in the NAA Code of Ethics.


Student Outcomes

Student Outcome

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Outcome A

The student will describe the professional code of ethics.

Content area VIII:  Professional Development & Leadership--Displaying Professionalism in Practice

1h. Demonstrates awareness of professional ethics for the child / youth development field.

1i. Acts ethically, maintaining confidentiality and impartiality.

1k. Demonstrates fairness and consistency.

VIII: Leadership and Advocacy

1b. Understands the need for leadership skills in the child / youth development field

WAC 170-295-0070

WAC 170-295-1010

WAC 170-295-1030


WAC 170-297-1710

WAC 170-297-1715

WAC 170-297-1720

WAC 170-297-1730

WAC 170-297-1735

Outcome B

The student will summarize the fundamentals of professional behavior.

VIII: Displaying Professionalism in Practice

1a. Understands that employees’ personal behaviors and actions within the work setting reflect upon the program.

1b. Enjoys working with children and youth and models a positive attitude.

1c. Exhibits good hygiene and a neat personal appearance.

1d. Demonstrates respect for self and others.

1e. Demonstrates quality work habits.

1f. Supports and complies with program and government regulations and standards


WAC 170-295-0070

WAC 170-295-1080

WAC 170-295-2030


WAC 170-297-1125

WAC 170-297-6000

Outcome C

The student will describe his or her philosophy and / or goals in working with children.

VIII: Displaying Professionalism in Practice

1g. Values performance improvement and reflection on teaching and learning, using staff interaction, training/education, and journals.

1j. Shows commitment to the program’s philosophy and goals.

VIII: Ongoing Professional Growth

1a. Seeks out knowledge to improve professional competence and practice.

1d. Understands professional development requirements of the field.


WAC 170-295-1060

WAC 170-295-1070

WAC 170-295-1080

WAC 170-295-1090


WAC 170-297-1745

WAC 170-297-1775

WAC 170-297-1800

WAC 170-297-1820

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