School Age Child Care Basics Module 03: Child / Adolescent Observation and Assessment

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School Age Child Care Basics Module 3: Child / Adolescent Observation and Assessment


This module is designed to create an understanding of the importance of observation and assessment and how it shapes curriculum.

Student outcomes

Student Outcome

Washington State Core Competency

Corresponding WAC



Outcome A

The student will give examples of children developing at their own rate.

Content Area III: Child / Adolescent Observation and Assessment:

1a. Views children and youth as individuals and acknowledges that individuals develop at their own pace.

1e. Identifies various ways to get to know each child or youth as an individual, including his or her strengths, needs, interests, family, and life situation.






WAC 170-297-6000

WAC 170-297-6575


Outcome B

The student will identify techniques for collecting child development information.

Child / Adolescent Observation and Assessment:

1c. Assists with collection of information about child / youth behaviors.

1d. Maintains confidentiality between the program and the child’s family regarding each child’s observation and assessment.




WAC 170-297-2025

WAC 170-297-2375

WAC 170-297-6000

WAC 170-297-6050


Outcome C

The student will recognize youth development frameworks and risk factors.

III: Child / Adolescent Observation and Assessment:

1b. Knows about child / youth development frameworks pertaining to positive child / youth outcomes.

1f. Recognizes behavior and environmental factors that may place children and youth at risk.



WAC 170-295-7010

WAC 170-297-6000

WAC 170-297-6050


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