The Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) has issued new WACs (Washington Administrative Code) to take effect August 2019.  These new WACS focus on the qualifications and training requirements for Washington State child care providers (see WAC 110-300-0100 for more detailed information).

While there are still a few final details that need to be ironed out, here is some basic information about the new requirements and what they mean for WA State child care providers. 

We know how precious time and resources are for child care providers and SG Classes Online will continue to provide up-to-date information from the DCYF and offer new ways to help you meet these new requirements.


Professional Development, Training and Requirements:

Qualifications (WAC 110-300-0100)

The new qualifications for staff are broken down into 3 levels of "stackable" certificates:  

  1. Initial certificate (12 credits)
  2. ECE Short Certificate (20 total with credits from previous level)
  3. ECE State certificate (47-52 total with credits from previous level)

The new requirements will be effective August 2019 but the DCYF is allowing providers 5 years to meet these new qualifications.  

While college courses are an option, there are many other options for earning the credits to meet the certificate requirements, including earning your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential

There are many benefits to earning a CDA:

  1. The CDA is a nationally-recognized credential (not just WA State)
  2. Earning your CDA is significantly cheaper than 12 credits through a college (less than $700 for the CDA compared to $1200+ for college courses)
  3. Our CDA classes are all online so you can take them anytime, anywhere
  4. The process is self-paced so you can work at your convenience
  5. Our classes are STARS-approved so your CDA classes will earn STARS hours as well and you will be eligible for reimbursement up to $250 per year for these classes too 

The CDA is a multi-step process that includes 120 hours of training in early childhood education.  We've got discounted training packages to help you get started.  Please contact us for more information about these discounts:

  • For 1-4 staff: $259 each for the 120 hour (12 Credits) CDA training package
  • For 5-9 staff: $229 each for the 120 hour (12 Credits) CDA training package
  • For 10+ staff: $199 each for the 120 hour (12 Credits) CDA training package

Our classes are also 100% online and accessible on any device, including phones and tablets.  And there are even more benefits:

  1. Classes are available in your account immediately after ordering--no waiting for enrollment to begin!
  2. You can start and stop your classes as often as you need to take care of the inevitable interruption!
  3. Our classes never expire so you can take them at your convenience.  You can even access the classes after completing so you can review the information at any time.
  4. You'll receive your certificate of completion online immediately after finishing each class.
  5. No mailing, no waiting, no hassles!


Training (WAC 110-300-0100)

1. Pre-Service Training (WAC 110-300-0105)

The pre-service requirements include licensing orientation, a TB test and a background check for anyone who is authorized to care for or have unsupervised access to children in early learning programs.

2. Training Requirements (WAC 110-300-0106)

The new training requirements are similar to previous requirements.  While there are some courses that are required by all, some positions have specific training that needs to be completed.

SG Classes Online offers the initial 30 Hour Child Care Basics course as well as the required Bloodborne Pathogens and HIV/AIDS training classes.

The Safe Sleep course offered by the DCYF can be accessed at

3. In-Service Training (WAC 110-300-0107)

All early learning professionals except volunteers must complete 10 hours of in-service training annually. Hours are calculated using the department's fiscal year – July 1-June 30.  A minimum of one hour each year must be in health and safety topics to meet federal requirements. 

We have over 200 STARS-approved courses as well as many discounted 10-hour STARS packages to help you meet your annual STARS requirement.  We'll also post all your completed courses to your Merit account for you.

The DCYF will also be introducing a new course on Enhancing Quality of Early Learning that will become part of the in-service requirement.



There are other changes to the WACs as well.  Watch this video about the changes to Immunizations and Others.  Additionally, the DCYF has events and learning opportunities to assist in getting informaton about the updates. 


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