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Check out our new literacy classes "The Pathway to Literacy for Young Children"

About Us

We know you dedicate yourselves to supporting those in your care. At SafeGard Classes Online, we are committed to providing you with the training and development you need to be at your best every day!

Formerly ClassesOnline4U, SafeGard Classes Online has been providing high-quality training classes for child care, healthcare and adult care professionals for over 15 years. We have over 200 classes, many in Spanish, in popular topic areas like administration, child guidance and development, and health, safety and nutrition.

Our Mantra

"We Care, Because You Do!"  We live by those words everyday.  Each month we support a cause that is important to our valued customers, by promoting awareness, increasing knowledge through our online classes and providing financial support with each purchase.

Family Literacy Month

November is Family Literacy Month.  The ability to read and write can have a significant impact on our success in life, economically, socially and intellectually.

Giving kids an early start with literacy can open the door for chldren's academic development and set kids up for success as they proceed through school and life.

Our new literacy series, The Pathway to Literacy for Young Children, provides guidance and practical ideas on how to create a literacy-rich environment in your program and ensure our children are ready to take on the world!

Thank you for your support!





“Your classes online are so wonderful for me.”

”I love the convenience of using them. The classes are so jammed packed full of information that is easily digested. Thank you.”

– C Jones, Seattle, WA, First Aid –