7 Hour HIV/AIDS: Part 4

2 Hours
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Discusses clinical manifestations and treatment. Designed for most licensed healthcare providers.

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7 Hour HIV/AIDS: Part 4

6th and 7th Hour

Table of Contents

1. Clinical Manifestations

       a. Natural History of HIV Infection
            – Stages
       b. HIV Surveillance Case Definition
       c. HIV Classification
       d. HIV in the Body

2. Treatment

       a. New Drug Therapies
       b. Other Diseases and HIV

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Learning Outcomes

When you finish this class you should be able to:

  1. Describe the three stages.
  2. Define the one factor involve in the adult surveillance case definition for AIDS
  3. Identify the unique clinical issues for women and children with AIDS
  4. Discuss the significance of HAART
  5. List primary co-infections and describe their significance
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