4 Hour HIV/AIDS: Part 2

2 Hours
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Discusses infection control, legal and ethical issues, and psychosocial issues in more detail than the 2 hour course. Designed for non-licensed healthcare providers, certain licensed providers and EMS.

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4 Hour HIV/AIDS: Part 2

3rd and 4th Hour

Table of Contents

1. Infection Control


a. Mandated Standards
b. Standard Precautions
c. Managing Exposures

2. Legal & Ethical Issues


a. Legal Issues
b. Ethical Issues

3. Psychosocial Issues

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Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe ‘Standard Precautions’ and list two key factors in its implementation.
  2. Identify the basic steps to managing exposure.
  3. List the 3 key areas of legal importance and state their basic premise.
  4. Identify 5 difficulties of HIV infection and list the 4 stages of grief.
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