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The Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL), now the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) has issued a new 30 hour Child Care Basics course for the initial STARS training.  This course has been updated to reflect the new WACs and new content relevant to child care providers.

SG Classes Online has the best value for this this course with our online, mobile-friendly format that you can access on your phones and tablets.  There is no expiration so you can take the course at your convenience and you'll receive your certificate of completion immediately after completing the course.  We'll also update your Merit account to show that you have met this training requirement.

We offer 3 packages for the initial training to best meet your needs:

1. All New 30 hour Child Care Basics - this package contains all 10 modules of the Basics course

2. WA State Child Care Bundle: this bundle combines the 30-hour Basics plus the required Bloodborne Pathogens and HIV/AIDS courses

3. All STAR Special: this is a great value for the 30-hour Basics plus 10 hours of STARS classes to meet your first annual training requirement


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