For only $149, you can get all 10 modules of either the 30 hour Child Care Basics course or the 30 hour School Age Basics course.  And since the course are 100% mobile-friendly, you can take them on your tablet or phone.

With SG Classes Online, you'll have immediate access to your course after order--no waiting for enrollment.  You'll also receive your certificate of completion immediately after completing the course.  

The Washington State DEL requires everyone who is awarded a child care license to take one of the courses within 6 months.  Each year, you'll need to take an additional 10 hours of continued education training as well.  You can also get reimbursed for your training up to $250 each year.  

As a new licensee, you'll also need to register with the STARS MERIT system to track your training.  You will receive a STARS ID # when you register, which will be how your training is tracked.  Every time to you complete a class with SG Classes Online, we will report your completed courses to your MERIT account for you.

Welcome to child care in Washington State and please contact us if you have any questions.