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Whether you need your STARS training classes right away or just simply don't like waiting, you're in luck!  SafeGard Classes Online's easy-access online child care training gives you immediate access to your classes so you can get started at your convenience.  And when you've completed the class, there's no waiting for a certificate to be mailed.  Your certificate of completion is available in your online account at any time after completing the class.

All our classes are approved for STARS credit (with the exception of SIDS, which is no longer accepted for STARS due to the DEL's required Safe Sleep course) and can be taken on your phone or tablet.  Our classes do not expire so you can save them for whenever you need the credits.  They'll also remain in your account even after completing so you can review for free at any time.

Convenient, affordable, easy-to-access, instant gratification...everything you need to complete your STARS training.  Get started today and see how easy it is to earn your STARS hours!