2 Hour HIV/AIDS - 1st Hr (Child Care)

1 Hours
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Discusses basic etiology and epidemiology of HIV, transmission and infection control, legal and ethical issues, and psychosocial issues. Designed for day-foster-adult care.

NOTE for WA State Childcare Providers: This course is a separate health and safety requirement and cannot be used for the WA State annual 10-hour STARS training.

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HIV/AIDS - 1st Hr

Table of Contents 

1. Introduction

  1. Background
  2. History
  3. Mechanisms
  4. Progression
  5. Statistics

2. Transmission

  1. Source
  2. Vehicle
  3. Target

3. Risk Reduction


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Learning Outcomes

To provide a basic understanding of the transmission and progression of HIV and promote preventive strategies.

Health, Safety & Nutrition
1 - Healthcare