Feeding Children: Infants/Toddlers (for parents)

1hour 0.1CEUs

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Discusses feeding plans for infants through pre-school age, avoiding feeding problems, food pyramids for children, and specific nutrient recommendations.

Goal: to understand food prep & feeding issues for young children

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Feeding Children 

Table of Contents

1. Infants up to 1 year

2. Toddler's 2-3 years

3. Food Pyramid

4. Hygiene and Sanitation


A child's nutrition is important to their overall health. Proper nutrition can prevent many medical problems, including becoming overweight, developing weak bones, and developing diabetes. It will also ensure that a child physically grows to their full potential.  This class will discuss nutritious meals, snacks and portion sizes for infants up to 3 years of age.  Food preferences for personal, religious and medical reasons should be appropriately considered. Sufficient time should be allowed for meals so that children do not feel hurried.

Learning Outcomes

Be able to:

• Discuss preparation and storage of breast milk and infant formula

• Name foods that pose a choking hazard

• Discuss common feeding problems and solutions

• Demonstrate safe preparation, handling and storage of food

• Explain the food pyramid daily recommendations

• Recognize appropriate servings sizes for children ages 2-3 years

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