Managing Difficult Behaviors (for parents)

1 Hours
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Discusses issues such as biting, aggression and temper tantrums. Uses the acronym H.O.T. to identify situational issues that need to be dealt with first.

Goal: to understand how to handle different behaviors including biting, aggression and temper tantrums

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Managing Difficult Behaviors (Parenting)

Table of Contents

  1. Biting
  2. Aggression
  3. Temper Tantrums
  4. "H.O.T"
Approved or Accepted in:
North Dakota
Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

• Describe how they would handle a biting scenario

• Create a plan for dealing with aggression

• Identify methods for dealing with temper tantrums

• Identify the components of H.O.T.