30 Hour Child Care Basics Introduction

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The 30 hour child care basics course is required by the Department of Children, Youth and Families for all new licensees in Washington State. This is introduction to the 10 module series.

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Welcome to Child Care Basics!

We are excited that you are joining this wonderful and important profession. This series of 10 three-hour modules is designed to provide you with introductory information on what it means to care for young children. You will learn some theoretical information as well as practical skills that you can employ in your program.

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  • Introduction  
  • Module 1: Professional Practice  
  • Module 2: Valuing Each Child and Family 
  • Module 3: Child Growth and Development  
  • Module 4: Celebrating Child Growth  
  • Module 5: Curriculum and Learning Environments
  • Module 6: Family and Community Partnerships  
  • Module 7: Healthy Practices (Part I) 
  • Module 8: Healthy Practices (Part II) 
  • Module 9: Interactions and Guidance  
  • Module 10: Supporting Children for Life Success 

Learning Outcomes

This course gives an overview of licensing requirements and standards for working in child care in Washington State.

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