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Ever feel lost or confused when it comes to being a parent?  As they say, it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, maybe you don't have an entire village but we'll bring the knowledge and wisdom from all those minds together to give you practical and useful ideas to help you guide your little ones and maintain your sanity in the process!

Sometimes it's just nice to chat with other parents to learn best practices, swap ideas, or just to know that you aren't the only ones looking for guidance!  Try our Parenting Forum and chat with other parents about a wide range of topics.  Feel free to browse the other categories as well--you might find a few pearls of wisdom there too!

We also have numerous classes just for parents and many others for childcare professionals that Parent training 101 for beginners or experienced parentscan provide great learning as well! Whether you're looking for advice for first-time parenting (try Coping with a Crying Baby or SIDS), surviving the toddler years (check out Managing Difficult Behaviors), or just general knowledge about child development (Brain Development by Age), our easy-access courses will give you the confidence to tackle anything!

Here are some popular selections:


New parent and father holding his young sonToddlers



So, take the mystery out of the early years with our convenient online classes and learn the practical skills you need to feel confident that you really can do this!


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