As if teachers didn't have a full plate already, the recent pandemic has certainly added more challenges!

Help is here!

Our simple, practical lesson plans are a great way to help your children develop critical skills and expand their knowledge while having fun and staying safe at the same time!

We realize the challenges preschool teachers face every day.  Our new Teacher Toolkit offers easy, efficient ways for you to combine your annual in-service training with fun and exciting lesson plans for your classroom!  

Our new series, Lessons with Class, combines the training you need to meet your in-service hours with lessons you can use in your classroom based on the theme of those courses.  Each bundle comes with 5 lesson plans, one for every day of the week, and is filled with great information and easy, fun activities for the kids plus the in-service course for the teacher.

​Now you can fulfill your own licensing requirements and put that new knowledge to use right away with your children!  Packages are available either as a combination of the teacher training class and lesson plans or with just the lesson plans on their own.

Give them a try today for only $9  for the lessons plans or just $19  for the lessons and teacher course.  But act fast: this deal is too good to last!