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COVID-19 Response and Resources for teachers, parents, businesses and communities.  We're here to help!



The COVID crisis has changed our lives in so many ways.  We'd like to help with information and guidance you can use right away to help maintain health, safety and security for you, your children and your staff.

We are offering all new discounted 5-hour course bundles for only $19 to provide not only the hours you need to meet continuing eduction licensing requirements but also offers information to help you manage your business, your facility and your health.

Here are the current offers:

Keeping Everyone Safe - this package provides specific recommendations about how to keep your facility clean to prevent the spread of disease.  It also includes tips on identifying and managing health issues to keep everyone safe.  The courses have been updated to reflect any additional guidance regarding the COVID-19 virus.

Handling Any Crisis - whether it be COVID or another crisis, being about to manage and thrive through a crisis is essential not only to our business but the safety and well-being of everyone.  These classes will help you manage your business and help you and your children cope with stress.

Restarting Your Business - after any crisis, getting your business back on track is critical.  Learn how to manage your finances, marketing and communication to get your business growing and thriving again.

The Guide to Reopening During COVID - business as usual will be anything but usual going forward.  Learn about the changes you'll need to consider to manage the health and safety of your children and staff as well as how to talk with families and help children get re-introduced to childcare.


Through good times and challenges, we are here to help.  Please contact us if there's anything we can do to assist.  If we don't have the answer, we will make every effort to find resources for you.

Take care and be safe!