School Age Child Care Basics Module 07: Program Planning and Development

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School Age Child Care Basics Module 7: Program Planning and Development


This module is designed to address the concepts of school-age program mission statements, introduce licensing Washington Administrative Codes (WACs), and identify the types of records kept in school-age programs. 


Student outcomes

Student Outcome

Washington State Core Competency

Corresponding WAC



Outcome A

The student will describe staff member’s responsibilities in carrying out the program’s mission statement.

Content Area VII: Program Planning and Development

1a. Behaves as a responsible staff member and participates in the program team.

1d. Knows and understands the program’s purpose and supports the program’s mission statement.

WAC 170-295-0070

WAC 170-295-1060 WAC 170-295-1070

WAC 170-295-1080

WAC 170-297- 1775

WAC 170-297- 1800

WAC 170-297- 1820

Outcome B

The student will relate program policies to specific Washington licensing rules and laws.

VII: Program Planning and Development

1b. Keeps appropriate records.

1c. Complies with program policies and standards.

WAC 170-295-0001 WAC 170-295-0060

WAC 170-295-1080

WAC 170-295-7010

WAC 170-295-7050

WAC 170-295-7080

WAC 170-297- 0001

WAC 170-297- 1050

WAC 170-297- 1820

WAC 170-297- 2050

WAC 170-297- 2075

WAC 170-297- 2175

WAC 170-297- 2400

Outcome C

The student will identify methods to incorporate youth in their planning process.

VII: Program Planning and Development

1e. Values involving children and youth in the planning process.





WAC 170-297-2025

WAC 170-297-2375

WAC 170-297-6000

WAC 170-297-6050


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