School Age Child Care Basics Module 05a: Safety and Wellness

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School Age Child Care Basics Module 5a: Safety and Wellness


This module is designed to introduce the practices that keep children healthy and safe in school-age child care programs.  Please reference the Washington State Core Competencies for Child and Youth Development for additional context and information.

Student outcomes

Student Outcome

Washington State Core Competency

Corresponding WAC



Outcome A

The student will identify a healthy physical environment for children, including procedures for health, safety, and sanitation.


V:  Safety and Wellness:

1a. Follows regulations or policies regarding health and safety, including emergency, illness, and injury procedures.

1b. Follows program policies and procedures on admitting and dismissing children / youth.

1c. Completes and maintains relevant first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification, and blood borne pathogens training.

1f. Follows supervision and staffing level requirements.


 WAC 170-297-3200

Outcome B

The student can summarize their role as a mandated reporter of child abuse and neglect.

V:  Safety and Wellness:

1g. Identifies, documents, and reports suspected emotional distress, abuse, and neglect of participants in an immediate and appropriate way.

1h. Understands and performs the mandated reporter role for child abuse and neglect.


WAC 170-297-2300

WAC 170-297-2400

WAC 170-297-6275

Outcome C

The student can differentiate between compliance and non-compliance of health and safety regulations.


V:  Safety and Wellness:

1d. Uses emergency supplies and equipment when needed and as permitted by policies and procedures.

1e. Practices and carries out disaster plans and drills including parent communication plan.





WAC 170-297-2450

WAC 170-297-2850

WAC 170-297-3200

WAC 170-297- 4075


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