School Age Child Care Basics Module 04: Families, Communities and Schools

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School Age Child Care Basics Module 4: Families, Communities and Schools


This module is designed to teach participants how to create positive relationships with families and schools and how to identify supportive community resources.

Student Outcomes

Student Outcome

Washington State Core Competency

Corresponding WAC



Outcome A

The student can explain the elements of positive relationships and communication with families.


1a. Understands the role of the family as central to the development of children and youth.

1b. Establishes positive communication and relationships with families.

1c. Acknowledges and values similarities and differences in the varying cultures and structures of families

1d. Maintains confidentiality

WAC 170-295-2080

WAC 170-295-2030

WAC 170-295-1050


WAC 170-297-6000

WAC 170-297-6575

Outcome B

The student values and understands the impact community resources can have on the program.

IV- Communities:

1a. Recognizes the community as a resource for services, activities, and volunteers; shares information with families.

1b. Values and uses community resources that support and assist children, youth, and families.

1c. Works cooperatively and appropriately with volunteers and partners.



WAC 170-297-1735

WAC 170-297-6000

WAC 170-297-6575

Outcome C

The student can identify multiple ways to interact positively with school staff, and understands why a positive relationship between the program and school is important.

IV- Schools:

1a. Consistently works to maintain positive relationships between the school and the program.

1b. Understands the major partnership practices governing communication and information sharing between the provider and schools.

1c. Implements program/school behavioral expectations.

1d. Implements program/school protocols regarding health, safety, and disaster preparedness.

1e. Understands the resources that are shared, by agreement, between school(s) and the provider.


WAC 170-297-6000

WAC 170-297-6575


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