School Age Child Care Basics Module 02: Learning Environment and Curriculum

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School Age Child Care Basics Module 2: Learning Environment and Curriculum


This module is designed to teach participants how to plan developmentally-appropriate activities for a group of children based on their ages and individual needs.

Student outcomes

Student Outcome

Washington State Core Competency

Corresponding WAC



Outcome A

The student will describe environments which nurture children and stimulate learning.

Content Area II: Learning Environment and Curriculum

1b. Understands that the physical space / environment can impact teaching and learning

WAC 170-295-5020

WAC 170-295-5040


WAC 170-297-4225

WAC 170-297-6575


Outcome B

The student will plan developmentally appropriate activities for children in a variety of settings.

Learning Environment and Curriculum:

1a. Understands that lesson plans are the blueprint for implementing curriculum and follows an activity plan.

1c. Recognizes that children and youth learn best through fun, engaging, hands-on experiences.

WAC 170-295-2130


WAC 170-297-4225

WAC 170-297-4925

WAC 170-297-6575


Outcome C

The student will list a variety of ways to incorporate child and youth choice, reflection, planning and leadership.

Learning Environment and Curriculum::

1d. Recognizes the importance of providing children and youth with choice in the process and content of curricular activities.

1e. Understands the importance of providing children and youth with opportunities to reflect on past or present experiences.

1f. Recognizes the importance of providing children and youth with leadership opportunities.

1g. Recognizes that children and youth are capable of making plans.


WAC 170-297-6000

WAC 170-297-6075

WAC 170-297-6575


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