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  "We Care, Because You Do"  isn't just a tagline, it's the way we do business. We live by those words every day and strive to honor our commitment to "do the right thing" in everything we...Read more
One minute you're vacationing and enjoying the sun and suddenly it's time to go back to school.....yikes, what do you do??  Not to worry, transitioning to school doesn't have to be filled with...Read more
OK, so we all know keeping up with our education and learning new skills can help us advance in our careers and earn more money, but who has the time?  Whether you're looking for classes to meet...Read more
March is National Nutrition Month!  I know, you're thinking this article is all about how to get kids to eat their vegetables...and adults too, for that matter! ;)  Good nutrition isn't just...Read more
Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, Boxing Day or National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day (yes, that is a real holiday!), this can be a festive time of year!...Read more
Who among us hasn't experienced this at some point in our childhood: being scolded for playing with our food!  As luck would have it, new thinking vindicates us all!  It's now believed that...Read more
The Council for Professional Recognition, commonly known as the CDA Council, administers the Child Development Associate® (CDA) Credential.  Here is a great introduction to the Council and the...Read more
Has anyone ever told you to take a chill pill?  Have you ever told yourself or someone else to chill out and relax but didn’t know how to do it?  Do you suffer from or know someone who suffers...Read more
Welcome to the SafeGard Classes Online blog...and for returning readers, welcome back! We hope you enjoy this month’s post and find it intriguing, insightful and even fun! As always, we welcome...Read more
Welcome to the SafeGard Classes Online blog. We’ve been hearing a lot about Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) and similar quality rating systems for childcare so thought we’d focus...Read more